Socks pt 2

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  Head hurts, can’t go back to sleep.  I’ll blog about my SOCKS instead.

  Where was I? Oh, right . . 

  It was the middle of the night (this night) and I had two socks SOCKS worked up almost all the way to the gusset.  However, I had a lot less grey yarn left than I’d thought I would.  I didn’t want to get 9/10 of the way through the foot and run out . . I had to use another yarn, somehow, just to avoid that risk.  But what yarn? And how to work it in?  I didn’t want 9/10 grey with some random color thrown in right at the heel where I ran out . . 

  I found some nice blue yarn.  I can’t find the band, but I *think* it’s the same type of yarn as the grey.  I also came up with a plan – I’d work the ribbing of the leg/gusset/heel in the dark blue yarn, so that the color change would be a nice purposeful highlighting of the different parts of the SOCKS.  All good, right? Continue reading ‘Socks pt 2’


. . . ?

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Yesterday I finished my nice warm hat*.

Last night and this morning it’s been refreshingly cool instead of annoyingly freezing.




Piccies of the hat later today when I can get someone to photograph me.  Right now I’m going back to bed.


*the Totally Ridiculous Yet Really Warm Hat


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  Dad got up. I plunked him in front of my computer and forced him to read my blog post. Halfway through he went ‘oh hey, I know where the memory card is.’ Yey Dad!

  Anyway, proof that the hat is not something I only hallucinated.

WIP TRYRW Hat, and yarn to be used for rest of hat

WIP TRYRW Hat, and yarn to be used for rest of hat

  It just, you know, ought to be.

  I suppose I should have put up a warning . . something like ‘Yarn snobs and people with good taste should look away now’?  Anyway, read on at your peril. Continue reading ‘^.^’


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I woke up (after four hours of sleep) and was possessed by the burning desire to take pictures to prove that the Totally-Ridiculous-Yet-Really-Warm hat is not just something I only maybe hallucinated. I’ve pulled out more of the ebay stash yarn and set up a nice little photoshoot to show you what I have planned for the rest of the hat too. I even remembered to pull out my SOCKS so I can have some piccies to sneak into the next post. Continue reading ‘v.v’


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Sorry, I know I said I’d put up more about the SOCKS but insomnia and obsession (and then sleeping all day afterwards) have been taking their toll.

Anyway, I put aside the SOCKS to work up a quick hat because it was freezing in the house and I obviously was not going to have warm feet anytime soon. I grabbed some chunky yarn I had sitting on my desk Continue reading ‘Intermission’

SOCKS pt 1

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trying to reconstruct the history of my SOCKS so I can look back later

this is a bit hard as I am sick and trying hard not to collapse again

[a few weeks ago . .]

Hmm, it’s still pretty cold for January . . hmm . .

I know! I’ll make SOCKS! The wristwarmers and knitted bunnies have been nice, but socks – now those are something. If I can make a pair of socks I’ll be a ‘real’ knitter, right? Not that any of the skills used are all that hard, but knowing how to combine them all together, and finishing a pair of something more complicated than tubes with thumbs . . ? that means you’ve reached the big leagues. The middle leagues, at least. Do they have leagues for ‘one step above the little kiddies’ ? Continue reading ‘SOCKS pt 1’

Poke the world

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20 END

Now that that’s out of the way . .
A few weeks ago I started a pair of SOCKS (not socks, SOCKS). I was smart – I worked on them simultaneously to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. I’d pick them up, work a few rows, put them down again, the usual. Yesterday I started the leg/heel gusset.

Today I’m procrastinating. Starting up this new blog sounds much more fun than doing surgery on the sole surviving sock . .

–inspired by the Yarn Harlot; my mom; and my own past experience with blogging as a way of keeping perspective.

(Unlike my mom, I’m not trying to have any point or ‘moral’ to each post. It’s just a lot easier to stop obsessing over something and get some sleep if you’ve had a good rant about it somewhere. If it’s semi-public then other people have a chance to point and laugh, yay bonus.)

(Unlike the Yarn Harlot, I . . um . . actually if I have to explain all the ways in which she is wittier, more productive, and more interesting than I, than you probably haven’t read her yet. Go!)